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Bolglovin Feature in NYC

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All images by @joeycupelli

En este último viaje a NYC tuve la oportunidad de hacer una colaboración con bloglovin. Mathias, el fundador del portal y amigo, me escribió desde Suecia para ver si lo podíamos cuadrar. Tuve la suerte de conocer a uno de sus fotógrafos más talentosos, Joey Cupelli. Paseamos por el East Village hasta el puente de Brooklin y fuimos haciendo las fotos por el camino. Los días de buen tiempo eran espectaculares, paramos en El Rey café a tomar un capuchino y seguimos ruta a ver qué encontrábamos. Este es el resultado.
Llevo chaqueta de Loewe, gafas Rayban, jersey de CK y pantalones de HyM. @miguelcarrizo
Aquí os dejo la entrevista:

What’s your blogging story? 
I love traveling and discovering new places, new people… and for some reason I always randomly end up at very special places often living unique situations so my best friend was always telling me, man you have to open a blog!  In the beginning I started it as sort of  a diary of my life, just to share  my adventures with people and let them see the world through my eyes. At first I was a bit lost when creating posts but I just kept on posting and people liked it. I also love taking pictures so that made it easy!

How did you get involved with Amlul and what made you want to start your own blog? 
I first started my own blog; and this same friend was telling me, you have to do fashion! But I felt too shy to just posting pics of myself wearing clothes and saying, look, Im wearing this… I really didn't want to do it but Gala, who already was a very close friend of mine, asked me to do a mens section on her blog, talking about fashion and about things that men were interested in. As she has one of the bests blogs I thought, ok, this is different so maybe now it's time to start with fashion! It was a great opportunity and I'm very thankful to her because she gave me the opportunity and the audience she already had. My section became successful surprisingly fast which made us very happy.

How would you describe both you and Gala’s style?
How do they work together on Amlul? Effortless, simple but cool. A bit bohemian maybe. I would personally never wear a handbag or a skirt or big earrings but pieces I truly feel comfortable in, looks most of men can feel identified with and inspired by.

How was your trip to NYC? Any memorable experiences? 
NYC is always inspiring, so colourful and diverse. I love it (not that much in winter time though!). This time it was very special because we gathered lots of friends to celebrate my brother's birthday. We went to the northfork in Long Island and stayed at this amazing motel built in 1957 and we all dressed up like if we were back in the late 50s. It was epic, a weekend to remember forever.

What got you interested in acting? Any exciting performances in the works? I love acting, I just finish acting school where I studied 4 years although as actor you never keep on learning. It´s important to keep on practicing and improving every day, just a continuous training like the athletes or musicians have. I was in a play last may and june called "sons of Shakespeare". Being part of that play  It was very beautiful and a great experience. I learned a lot but it was also really intense and hard because we spent 7 hours a day in the theatre from monday to saturday! I dreamed of Shakespeare and my director every single night during those two months! Now I am quite busy with the blog a trips around it but can´t wait to be back in theatre!.

What would you tell an blogger who’s trying to get their start? Work hard, be consistent and offer something different. 

If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice, what would you say? 
Enjoy it! Enjoy the process, enjoy your youth, enjoy your time as much as you can. I give myself this advice every day. Life is too short.

If you could only wear five fashion pieces for the rest of your life, what would they be? 
Linen shirt, a hat, cachemire sweater, jeans and Pedro García shoes.

What are a few of your go-to products? 
Dior serum for the face, Kiehl´s body lotion and Wood fragrance by Dsquared.

We saw that you love to travel, what’s your all-time favorite city and why? 
That's a difficult one. I love Barcelona, the quality of life it's amazing (weather-beach-mountains). Paris is just gorgeous, every single building. I also love Lisbon and Rome, so magical… NYC, Rio… I can't choose one!

What's your dream travel itinerary?  
Improvisation… Trains, Backpacking, hitchhiking, new adventures… I did that in many countries such as India, Morroco, Argentina, Brasil…I of course also love staying at charming and beautiful hotels along the way

Any exciting projects in the works for 
Yes, keep traveling and meeting new interesting people.

What do your weekends look like? 
If Im not working or traveling abroad I love to go to Asturias, in the north western coast of Spain. A real paradise.

Any songs you can’t stop listening to? 
I can't stop listening to Nina Simone (let it be me album).

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